Off-set your trip to Daylesford with Wood4Good

We have teamed up with local regenerative forest initiative Wood4Good to give Dayget guests the opportunity to carbon offset the equivalent of a return trip from Melbourne to Daylesford.

Off-set Your Trip Now


Driving a medium sized car for roughly 300kms produces around 0.1 tonnes of Carbon. That is around about the drive from Melbourne to Daylesford return. There are various factors that affect this figure so it’s an approximation.

Planting trees to sequester carbon is the only proven carbon drawdown strategy that can be deployed at scale. By planting trees with wood4good, you will be ensuring that they are planted close to Daylesford, with benefits to the local community, wildlife and climate.

We have worked out $3.30 will buy enough tree seedlings to cover your drive.

Who are wood4good?

wood4good are a social enterprise specialising in regenerative forestry and based in Central Victoria. They work with local property owners to create new forests on degraded farm land.

The replantings are expertly managed and sensitively harvested over time to become permanent forests that provide a perpetual source of renewable materials, firewood, timber and carbon – all while providing permanent habitat for local wildlife.

wood4good says they can’t guarantee their forests against all unforeseen impacts, but we do their best in all circumstances to create viable, sustainable forests. It’s that simple.

wood4good are a small-scale, locally delivered carbon offset program and does not claim affiliation with the Emissions Reduction Fund or other regulatory programs. If you want to know more about where your trees will be planted, please get in touch by visiting

Where does the money go?

The money you donate goes directly to wood4good, Dayget makes no finantial gain or commission and we have no financial or business interests in this initiative. We are simply directing to a local group we think are doing an important job.

Off-set Your Trip Now