Hepburn Springs is an enchanting and historically rich destination, just a few minutes from Daylesford

Hepburn Springs Tasting Plate

Renowned for its mineral spring water, hot mineral water spas and iconic heritage buildings, Hepburn Springs is an enchanting and historically rich destination located just three minutes’ from Daylesford. Originally known as Spring Creek, the village was later renamed as Hepburn Springs after Captain John Hepburn, an early settler in the region. In the early 1850s alluvial gold was found and around the township drawing thousands of immigrants, particularly Swiss Italians.

This Swiss Italian heritage is honoured every year at the annual “Swiss Italian Festa” and all year round visitors can taste the effervescent mineral water the town is most famous for at the historic Mineral Springs Reserve where a number of hand pumps dotted around the parkland dispense mineral water free of charge.

Hepburn Springs Essentials

Frank and Connies Kitchen

97 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs

The Surly Goat

3 Tenth St, Hepburn Springs

The Mineral Spa

124 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs

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