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Between July 15th and September 4th the event Borealis on the Lake will colour the night sky over Lake Daylesford with and extraordinary light and sound display reminiscent northern lights.

Created by Switzerland-based artist Dan Archer, this magical an immersive display is a blend of technology, art and sound and is designed to transport you to the Arctic Circle in an experience that will be unique to Daylesford, without travelling across the world.

Colour, movement, density of light beams and changing weather conditions will combine together to create unique auroras over the lake in infinite variations. “Surreal” is the only way to describe how it feels, to watch as the lights dance across the lake.

Borealis is not just about what you see, but what you hear; an experience beyond the visual effect. Set to a soundtrack created by French composer Guillaume Desbois, the music is as wispy and ethereal as the auroras. Created by electronic and traditional instruments, the sounds develops in layers and forms a crucial part of the experience that adds to the sense of wonder. The result is a truly immersive experience.

Premiering in 2018 at Adelaide Fringe Borealis has traveled across Australia  and the globe where audiences have fallen in love with the breath-taking illusion of Aurora Borealis.

When: Every Thursday to Sunday  between 15 July to 4 September 2022. Event times are between 6.00pm-9.30pm
Ticket: $25, Family and group deals available.
Book via the Borealis website

Borealis Accommodation With Dayget

We have around 140 holiday accommodation rentals in the region so we will definitely have the perfect property to suit your needs when coming to this event.

Winter is our busiest season here in Daylesford so make sure you book early.

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Borealis on the Lake is presented by Andrew Kay and Associates, in partnership with Gluttony (Adelaide Fringe), Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford Macedon Tourism.