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A mere few hundred meters to town, Albion is a lovingly restored miners cottage infused with modern touches. Owner Gina tells us about her long connection with the region and her love for this sweet cottage that is now available for guests to enjoy.

With fond childhood memories of visiting Daylesford with family and friends, Gina felt a strong connection to the area and dreamt of one day owning her own piece of this wonderful region. Fast forward to 2018 and the perfect opportunity arose when she stumbled across a quaint miners cottage called Albion.

Gina explains her love for the region and this sweet cottage which is now available for guests to enjoy.

Tell us about your connection with Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

I have had a lifelong connection with Daylesford stemming back to my childhood when a few families from Melbourne would frequently visit the area for its fresh air and the ’taking of the waters’. We would head straight to the Mineral Springs reserve in Hepburn Springs where we would set up our picnic and we, as children, would wander off and explore the beautiful streams and countryside.

We definitely felt there was something special in this area. I do believe that for the adults it was reminiscent of their hometowns in Europe. For us, as children though, it was the experience of enjoying the company of our friends and cousins in a natural environment that was such a contrast to our lives in the city.

It is this feeling of nostalgia and country charm that I hope guests can experience at Albion. A home away from home close to nature, but only a stone’s throw into town to indulge in all that Daylesford has to offer.

My connection with Hepburn Springs continued when my kids were teenagers, and I took the opportunity to build two villas for the short-term accommodation market perched looking over the majestic Doctors Gully. If I could have persuaded my kids to leave the city I would have moved up then and there, built a home for us and stayed! However my kids wanted to stay in the city and finish school, so I sold the Villas and pursued other paths in Melbourne for a while, my heart always yearning, however, to be back in Daylesford and Hepburn.

Once the kids had finished school and took off on their own adventures, it was then I could entertain the idea of returning, and I did!

How did you come to create Albion as a cute short-term getaway?

For me, it was love at first sight with this marvellous lady. Albion was built 100 hundred years ago as a miners cottage. Over the years it had been looked after and maintained, however,  it remained very simple. It seemed to just be holding on for someone to breathe new life into it!

Charged with full power and love in my heart for this old lady and the area, I undertook a meticulous renovation.

The vision was clear. Keep as much as possible that could be restored and lift her into the modern era by adding all the mod cons that one would expect to find in luxury accommodation and give it a designer touch with the choice of finishes. It was important to me that I pay homage to her humble origins by maintaining as many of the original features as I could. The three original fireplaces were kept and the original cast iron stove, although not in working order, has been restored and sits proudly amongst the luxury finishes and modern appliances as a nod to the past.

King split beds, luxury linen, televisions in the bedrooms, a working fireplace in the lounge, central heating and a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area all make for the ultimate stay filled with modern touches for your comfort, but within the walls where 100 years of history has taken place.

Give us your ideal trip to Daylesford and the surrounds, what do you suggest people do when they stay?

Albion is located a mere few hundred meters from the Daylesford township. You can just park your car under the double carport and leave it there for the entire duration of your stay if you wish.
The myriad of eateries, coffee shops, boutiques and galleries are at your disposal.

Take your pet for a stroll and discover the magnificent country town of Daylesford and the neighbouring hamlet of Hepburn Springs.

If it’s relaxation that you are after, a few kilometres up the road will bring you to the famous Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa where you can unwind and let the city pressure melt away as you experience mineral treatments that the facility is well known for.

The surrounding area offers a plethora of neighbouring towns to explore, each with their own unique offerings.

I love the thought of people relaxing and enjoying each other’s company at Albion, and I hope that everyone that stays appreciates my love for the area and the love that I have put into preserving and presenting the property, which is ultimately for our guests enjoyment.