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A unique property, both cosy and quaint, where old meets new. The Arlow House is perfect for couples looking for a getaway or for the whole family to relax in.

Unlike many people who end up living or investing in the region, Daylesford was not on Emily’s radar. She had never spent much time in the area and knew little about the region. But a trip for a friend’s wedding soon got her spending more and more time here.

If you knew me at all, you’d definitely think Daylesford is an interesting choice for me to set up a weekend home. I am typically drawn to the sea, my love for the beach and tanning is unwavering. However, when I came to Daylesford for a friend’s wedding over Easter a couple of years ago, I found myself falling surprisingly in love with Daylesford and its quaint township.”


What she loved the most was the generous choice of quality food, wine, and hospitality that the region offers. “It’s extraordinary to get this wide range of quality food and wine out of Melbourne. You have the full spectrum of culinary experience between Daylesford and the surrounding villages and hamlets, from fine dining at Sakana and Bistro Terroir, great pubs like The Farmer’s Arms and the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, and delicious home cooked comfort food from Frank and Connie’s in Hepburn Springs.

If you have ever been to the region you will know there is so much to do, whatever your mood! You have art galleries, vintage and Sunday markets at your disposal, as well as the luxury Bathhouse down the road. The trekking paths and Trentham falls are close by, as too are the beautiful Daylesford Lake and Botanical gardens. You can pack the car and drive out to nearby towns and be guaranteed a drive with a view, or you can head out to a local winery for some tastings and a spot of lunch. 


For me, Daylesford was perfect. Only one hour and 20 minutes out of the city, it’s a destination where you can truly get away and feel immersed in the country lifestyle with all the city convenience and luxuries on offer.”


Located next door to the Daylesford Tennis Club, The Arlow House was the original Clubhouse. Although it needed a lot of work, it was easy to see a vision for a great holiday home for Emily and her guests. Emily wanted to retain the front of the house in keeping with the style in the street, but she knocked down everything past the kitchen and built a beautiful sunroom and luxurious oversized bathroom looking out to the deck and tennis courts. 

A lot of time, sweat and tears (lots of tears) went into the detail of the house. Emily has been lucky enough to have traveled extensively and stayed at many beautiful, unique and eclectic hotels all around the world. The inspiration for this house was drawn from multiple sources, primarily The Maidstone in the Hamptons NY, The Ned (London) as well as from local inspirations. She wanted to set up a home that guests would feel at home in as soon as they stepped through the door, yet was decorated uniquely with an interesting use of space. 

I didn’t just want a conventional house. For me, decorating the house was all about how my guests would socialise and use the house. I imagined how each room would interact, and transformed that into a house which has a natural flow through it. Decorating the house was both extremely fun and exhausting. I had so many different ideas, I often needed to tell myself to refocus. Some of the key pieces from the house are from my personal collection, however, each piece was sourced from various suppliers personally to make sure it all fit together perfectly. Some pieces are international, some are local, there are fittings which are custom designed and made, whilst others are pre-loved, I love a vintage hunt! On top of that, I wanted to make sure that the house feelt instantly like ‘home’ and that guests have ample activities around the house to keep them occupied.

The Arlow house is equipped with games for adults and children, toys for kids, books to peruse from the house library and to top it off is pet-friendly!

I have two miniature Yorkshire Terriers myself and am forever searching for luxury accommodation that takes pets, so I wanted The Arlow House to be one of the few houses to acknowledge that your pets are part of the family, without compromising on luxury. We are walking distance from town, and right next to the Tennis Club, so bring your racquets and enjoy a hit, then stroll into town for refreshments and some delicious local produce. The Arlow House is made with unwavering effort and a lot of love. I hope guests enjoy the house, the location, and the region.”