Maggies in Trentham

Owners Andrew and Trevor had no idea that when they decided to downsize their life in Melbourne, the result would be the creation of an incredibly magical place and destination known as Maggies. A unique and curated space like no other, we find out a little more about how Maggies came to life.
Maggies - Trentham Accommodation

Trentham has always attracted Andrew and Trevor, because of the relatively short drive from Melbourne, especially on a Friday evening – not much over an hour. It still has that quaint village culture with a fabulous selection of restaurants and coffee shops such as du fermier owned by renowned restaurateur Annie Smithers, The Trentham Collective run by Rhys and Nathan, and the Red Beard Bakery. It also has The Plough and Cosmopolitan Hotels. The Saturday morning market is always popular with locals and tourists alike.

Maggies - Trentham Accommodation

Trentham is also close to other villages and towns such as Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Kyneton, Castlemaine and Woodend. All of these destinations offer great shopping along with amazing wining and dining.

For Andrew and Trevor, this is a place they like to retreat to from their busy working lives. They are often busy on the weekends, so like to make the most of the quieter midweek in the region. They had been coming to the area for many years, drawn to Trentham in particular, and always loved the old Manse that stands gracefully beside the once thriving St Mary Magdalen Parish Church in the heart of Trentham. Heritage listed, the building is a delightful and impressive federation style home. When they saw there was an opportunity to do something with the space, they jumped at it – the timing could not have been more perfect.

Maggies - Trentham Accommodation

Andrew explains,

When we discovered this magnificent house so close to the village centre we instantly knew it was right for our purposes. We had been looking for a property to create a weekend retreat for ourselves, and ideally a property large enough to invite friends and family to share a restful, fun weekend away. We had recently downsized our home in Melbourne and had surplus of antique and collectable furniture and a large collection of objects that would fill the space handsomely. With our interior and landscape design background, this was a wonderful opportunity to create something very special for us and for others to also enjoy.

Maggies - Trentham Accommodation

The name Maggies evolved from the local parish Church named after patron Saint Mary Magdalen.

Trevor notes,

We would love others to share the experience of staying in this magnificent house. The property is unique in style and size and promises a memorable experience for those who stay. Our matriarch hangs in the entrance way, we look forward to people coming in and meeting Maggie for themselves.