Hills End: Inspired by the Beauty of Nature

A new lease on life for these two well-loved holiday villas located a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Daylesford and ideal for one or two couples.
Hills End Accommodation Daylesford

When Rodd and Anne bought two Villas on King Street in Daylesford in 2015, they were listed on the short-term rental market as the Thai Villas. The previous owner had spent a lot of time travelling and living throughout Asia and he had designed them in a very Thai style and theme. After a few years of owning the Villas and getting to know the local area Rod & Anne decided to refurbish to give them a more contemporary feel. Paying homage to the garden surrounding the Villas that they had fallen so deeply in love with, they renamed them Hills End Camellia and Hills End Iris. Anne describes what they took on when they bought the villas,

The garden was completely overgrown when we bought it. The drystone walls for instance, were invisible under the swathes of ivy and blackberry which the previous owner had described as ‘jungle’, to complement the Asian theme. However, unless the garden was to be reduced to blackberry and ivy and the villas become as impenetrable as Sleeping Beauty’s castle, it all had to go and for the last three years we have been trying to do just that!

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They have now created a beautiful space, with an organic unstructured feel. After years of watching the garden wake up in Spring and go into sleep mode in Winter, they named the villas after watching some of their favourite flowers, the camellia and iris, explode into colour,

Located opposite the Lake House and a 4-minute walk to Lake Daylesford and the town centre, Hills End Camellia and Iris are great options for couples looking for a retreat close to it all. Each villa is completely self-contained and separated by an internal courtyard featuring a lovely pond. Guests can book either Hills End Camellia or Iris when travelling as a couple or book both to accommodate two couples in complete privacy.

Hills End Camellia is set to the rear of the property and looks across the garden to Crown land and forest whilst Hills End Iris is the front villa, only a skip and a jump to the Lake House and Lake Daylesford. Each Villa features a spa bath, glass front wood fire, flat screen TV with Netflix, full kitchen and comfortable interiors with those little touches you do not have in your own home. Winter nights can be enjoyed by the cosy fire and during the spring or summer months, throw all the doors open to the garden and let the sweet scent drift in.

Rod and Anne come to work in the garden and stay as often as they can, finding the calm of the surrounding area good for their souls. Anne reflects on what it is about the villas that she loves so much:

Both villas with the wood panelling and comfortable chairs and views to the garden, invite restorative time spent relaxing with a coffee or perhaps glass of wine. In winter the fire makes a welcoming focus and in summer the verandas are favourite places to watch birds and listen to the sounds of trees and shrubs in the wind. Kookaburras, parrots, wrens, magpies are all visitors. We will introduce fish to the ornamental pool in the centre of the building in the near future and hope that people will enjoy watching them on sunny days.