Harts Lane Beaux Haus: Palm Springs Modernism in the heart of Daylesford

Located just a short stroll from the main shopping strip, Harts Lane Beaux Haus is one of the newest Daylesford accommodation options, brought to you by the owners of the beloved Harts Lane Haus and Harts Lane Stag & Millies. Accommodating up to six guests in three bedrooms, this mid-century home has been given a contemporary makeover whilst retaining its modernist vibes.
Beaux Haus

Harts Lane Beaux Haus is located in the heart of Daylesford on Central Springs Road, nearby the famous Mill Market. A mid-century home that stands out with a black and pink colour scheme it is only a short walk to the Daylesford lake and a quick stroll into the main shopping strip of Vincent street.

Owners Stuart and Simon are passionate about accommodation and providing an experience that goes beyond expectations. They have been a part of the Dayget portfolio since 2008 when they first listed Harts Lane Haus and Harts Lane Stag and Millies. These two much loved holiday homes have a loyal and solid following due to their quirky and creative interiors, curated “gift bag” full of artisanal and hand made products, and their fantastic location. Beaux Haus is their most recent addition to the ‘Harts Lane’ fold.

Beaux Haus

We purchased Beaux Haus about 6 years ago in 2013. Having always been fans of mid-century design, this type of dwelling appealed to us and we love the sense of holiday that these homes create. Sixties buildings lend themselves quite well to makeovers and we love art and design so we wanted the house to keep its traditional façade but create a more comfortable interior experience for our guests.

There is a feeling of thoughtfulness and generosity at Beaux Haus. Nothing is spared in creating a warm, comfortable and creative space for guests to not only relax in but to have an experience in an environment that is different from their own home.

Filled with beautiful art and furniture the lovely large lounge room with a wood-burning fireplace will allow you to relax as a group and watch a movie, or recline by yourself with a good book.

The kitchen invites you to cook up a feast with a 6-burner gas SMEG oven and French door refrigerator. Two outdoor areas bring the Palm Springs vibe to life with a large fenced backyard for the kids or pets to play in whilst you shake a cocktail or two.

With three large bedrooms, you can choose from either a king or two queens, all with paintings and considered objects creating different moods and outlooks.

Beaux Haus

We like to receive feedback and are continually looking at ways to improve the guests’ experience. Having so many return holidaymakers is a nice way of gauging this too. There is a lot of thought that goes into our interiors with colour, placement, objects, and artworks and we love it and hope our guests enjoy the work that goes into it too. It’s a real pleasure to share it with others.

Daylesford has become a second home for Stuart and Simon. They spend equal amounts of time between their busy lives running Collingwood café, South of Johnston, an interiors business, and tinkering on their three properties in Daylesford. It’s the fusion of big city sensibilities (great coffee, food, and stores) and rural charm (vistas, friendly folk and a sense of calm) that they love so much.

Beaux Haus

Feeling the seasons pass and being immersed in them inspires these two creatives in their businesses.  For Stuart and Simon, being in the central highlands is the best place to feed that creative energy. The great markets, shops, cafes, spas, restaurants, local artisans and second-hand stores all help to keep the area vibrant and alive.

There’s certainly something special about Beaux Haus. It’s an instant feeling of relaxation when you spend time in the home and is reminiscent of holidays from an era gone by when the days blend into one and you don’t want to go back to the real world.